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We Bought a Bus!

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Well, this year for my birthday I asked for something crazy and definitely outside the box. Like…way outside the box. I am pretty sure there’s not a box big enough, and even if there were, the cost to wrap it would be ridiculous. I turn 33 at the end of the month, and I decided I wanted to buy a bus.

A beautiful 1999 Bluebird School Bus we have dubbed “Birdie.”

I have long loved the idea of cute converted busses…I just definitely never pictured my family in one. Right now we live in a 6-bedroom house that is big enough for all five of us to retreat to a room of our own if we want to, and still have one room left over. This house has been a haven for us the last 2 years…Derrick has worked tirelessly in his office space to record online courses, the kids and I have tried our hand at homeschooling, we have had people popping in and out, and even staying with us for long periods of time. We have hosted holiday gatherings and held dinners for sports teams and watched countless movies from the comfort of our gigantic sectional sofa. But as our time here trickles to a close, and our lease runs out the end of April 2019, I have found myself really thinking long and hard about what the future holds for us, and when I saw Birdie on Craigslist a few weeks ago, something in my heart just KNEW.

It was time for a crazy, fun life change. Adventure awaits.

The kids are excited, although they really have no idea the full scope of the changes that are coming our way. We feel so blessed because we have the safety net of family to fall back on if this grand adventure doesn’t pan out as we hope…but I truly believe this going to be a fun, hard, rewarding season of closeness as a family.

Call it a coincidence, or just a happenstance, but I don’t think it’s random that the last 4 weeks we have been in a series at church all about the Compass Rose. Ezekiel 1:12 says, ” …they went wherever the spirit wanted to go, and they did not turn when they went.” We may just be in Birdie for a few beautiful summer months…or who knows, we may decide we love bus life and give the winter a go as well. I honestly don’t have a full plan for this, and that is a crazy thing all in itself because I am a plan maker to the extreme. But when I feel more of a peace about stepping into the unknown than I do about potentially staying in the status quo, my inner compass knows that I am headed in the right direction. It is so rare for me to find delight and peace when it comes to stepping out in faith. I would usually be much more content to play things safe. But there is an undeniable wanderlust in my soul – a deep-seeded need for adventure, and I am so stinking excited to get to take on this project with my hubby and kiddos.

The Mitchells are on the Move!


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