Best Year Ever

Best Year Ever – Our Plan For An Epic 2019

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Greetings from 2019! I am still working to wrap my head around the idea that 2019 is already here. It is nuts to think about all that happened in 2018 for us (sold a house, started a job as a teacher, got a puppy, launched several courses, bought a bus…) and I can’t wait to see what 2019 has in store.

I never felt like typical new year resolutions worked for me…which led to me feeling bad when I inevitably failed in, say, April to keep the goals I set in January.

So this year we decided to do things a little differently. Well…I decided, and the family is getting dragged along with me, lol. I plan to focus on something different each month, My hope is that it will give me fresh excitement and a new wave of discipling each month, thus ideally eliminating my usual resolution burnout.

Here is my plan:

January: Food (Currently we are doing the Daniel Fast and trying to eliminate sugar as much as possible)

February: Fitness (My goal with this is to better incorporate consistent workouts into my weekly schedule)

March: Technology (I have done technology fasts in March in the past and I LOVED it!)

April: Risk (The hope for this month is to focus on adventure and trying new things…ideally it is also a way to put a positive spin on downsizing for the kids)

May: Finances (We have some big dreams and need to do a better job of sticking to the Dave Ramsey budget plan; this month the goal is to have this all locked down)

June: Wellness (Physical, mental, spiritual, emotional – the goal here is to focus on creating peace and prioritizing health and happiness)

July: Habits (We need to do a better job as a family of setting our future selves up for success. And it all starts with the right kinds of habits)

August: Relationships (The end goal here is to make sure that we are prioritizing the relationships that really matter, and carving out time to build new relationships as well)

September: Hobbies (Our family has an incredibly broad range of interests, and I want to make sure we are carving out time to do what brings us joy)

October: Rest (Stress management and self care are important not just for Derrick and I, but for the kids as well. I want to take this month to breathe deeply and be intentional about taking time for stillness and rest)

November: Gratitude (It is the month of Thanksgiving, after all! Gratitude positively changes the attitude of our hearts, and I am excited to lean into that this month)

December: Generosity (When we give freely, expecting nothing in return, we can find incredible happiness and meaning. I want to instill the joy of giving in my kids’ hearts this month)


Well – there it is! The year at a glance. I am excited to work though each month’s focus with my family and to grow in discipline, grace, and joy.

What are you focusing on in 2019?


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