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Adventure Awaits

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Every December our family picks a word to define the coming year. Sometimes Derrick and I pick our own words too. I love the process, and while some years our strong start dwindles into a halfhearted finish, other years we carry that word and intention strongly into all 12 months. I have a good feeling about this new year and our word:


I love it because it speaks of risk and reward, the unknown and my favorite traveling companions, hard work and success, disappointment and great joy.

I know that the year ahead will not be perfect, and it will not be easy. The best things never are. I’m actually excited for the hard work of downsizing and the faith that is required when you have no idea what the next 12 months truly hold. All I know is that adventure is going to knit our little family together like never before. It is going to help us see our kids and each other through a different lens, one that is filled with possibility and teamwork. Its is going to bring out the worst and also the best in all of us, and that’s where true growth begins.

We have been working as a family on our bucket list for the year, and we have been coming up with our resolutions, too. This year I decided we needed a bit of a change, and so we are going to have a different resolution focus each month. Once we finish that I will definitely post about it – I can say, though, that we decided to start January off with a food focus. Our family is doing a modified Daniel fast for 21 days. It’s only day three and I already feel like I am going crazy! We can do this, though, and we will be mentally stronger and physically more healthy once it’s all over. (At least that’s what I keep telling myself, lol)

No matter what your next year holds, I hope it also holds a little bit of adventure – pushing you outside your comfort zone and opening you up to new and exciting things.


Adventure Awaits, friends! Let’s do this – 2019 here we come. This is going to be the Best Year Ever!


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