Weary From Travel But Doing Just Fine

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Well, my feet are back on home turf after a grueling 7-day trip. Moms with littles…if you read this you know what I mean. We had SO MUCH FUN…and SO LITTLE SLEEP. We did all the things and saw all the loved ones and ate all the food and laughed all the laughs.



So much doing and seeing and eating mixed with so little sleeping makes for a mom (and kids) that are absolutely trashed tired upon arrival back home.

This one was so tired she was asleep not even 30 minutes into our return journey home.

This one fell asleep on a box of shells.

This one just keeled over in half like a pocketknife and slept for a few solid hours.

I can’t sleep in the car, so I read the entire 3rd book in the Ann of Green Gables series and played games on my phone. Oh, and drank way too much coffee, guaranteeing we had to stop at least twice so I did not wet my pants. All in all, it was a great trip.

My superhero husband was up ate at work at 6am this morning LIKE IT WAS NO BIG THING. I hauled my sorry heiney outta bed at 8:40…and cursed the sun for daring to rise lol. So there’s that. We also have no coffee and a fridge full of bad food and a decidedly rotten funk small handing ominously over the entire main floor. I credit that to the kitchen. But as they say, it is all “no hill for a climber.” Which is really not much of an encouragement because I an NOT a climber and even if I was, I think my climbing bod would still be tired and unwinding to dive into the cleaning and shopping necessary to get life back to normal around here.

We did have a blast though.

I hurt everywhere…2 weeks until my next PT appointment…I never thought I would wish that torture was sooner. For now, a short walk will have to do, and then on to wake up the kids and get to the store for important, life-saving things like toilet paper and coffee and cheerios.


I am torn between these 2 races for my first-ever Spartan Sprint:

This one in SoCal.

And this one in San Jose.

The obvious benefit to the one in San Jose is MONTHS more to prepare, haha. The benefit to the SoCal one in January is that it forces me to not be lazy and procrastinate. Ah, decisions.

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