The Awkward First Post

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Yeah, so this is the point in the blogging journey where I don’t really know what to say.

“Hello World!”  – seems too cheesy.

“Welcome to my blog” – implies there are actual people reading this and feeling welcomed.

“My First Post” – feels like I’m announcing a child’s milestone…like “baby’s first tooth” or “first day of Kindergarten.”

So I’m gonna go with “The Awkward first post.” Calling things like they are. The start of anything is usually awkward. Turbulent, unsure, and a little over-reaching. After all…It’s just a baby of an idea. A creative outlet, if that’s not too cliche to say. Maybe it is. I don’t really care, I guess. I’ve been writing for clients and blogging and editing magazines and creating website content for other people for close to a decade now…I’ve dabbled in personal blogs before and while I still love those early sites and contribute to them occasionally but…again, to be cliche, I need a different creative outlet.

Enter this blog! Ta-da!

Long story short, I decided I want to try to do a Spartan Sprint. For those living under the sofa cushions and oblivious to the fitness world for the last many, many years, the Spartan races are the ultimate test of mind and body. They are exhilarating and challenging, full of mud and obstacles and lots of running. The Sprint is the shortest race they offer. 3-5 miles with plenty of obstacles. Basically a glorified 5K…but so much better. Because who wants to run just to RUN. Eeeew. I’d rather see the dentist.

Yeah so now that we have established that:

  1. I need a creative outlet
  2. I hate running
  3. I clearly am an overachiever (couch to 5k? BORING. How about couch to GREEN BERET!)

I suppose it’s time to lay out item #4 – I am in no way physically capable of this feat. I am currently in welly physical therapy because of chronic back pain. We can thank three pregnancies for that. We can also thank those beautiful babies for the abs that never came back together…there’s a medical term for it but let me break it down into normal person terms: zero core stability. I’m the  fitness equivalent of a marshmallow in my midsection. Oh, and let time I was at the therapist she told me I have a rotated pelvis and something about “your hip/butt muscles are so knotted/messed up that I don’t know how you even move.”

With all that going for me, clearly an epic, grueling 3-5 mile obstacle run is the easy choice.

But here’s the deal…I am PINING for something to do. Something to put my mind and body to that proves to myself I still have it in me. Still have the drive and moxie to do hard things. That I’m still some semblance of the all-state high school athlete and collegiate basketball player I was almost a decade ago. She’s still in there somewhere, I know it – she just needs coaxed out with a crazy, audacious goal.

SO here I am…seven months until the Spartan Sprint I signed up for. (In California, because if I am going to beat my body up I dang well want to relax on the beach afterward. Just saying. #lifgoalsonpoint #fitANDfabulous)

I loosely plan to write about progress, setbacks, and everything in between here on this blog…I’d say I will post regularly but that’s a lie. I will post randomly and authentically – two things you can count on. If you find your way to this blog, WELCOME! If you arrive looking for encouragement in your own life, solidarity, or even just a good laugh, I am happy you’re here!


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